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What It Is

  • Special Report is a unique media platform that provides a succinct, in-depth, review of topical issues, developments and events affecting today's corporations, businesses and commercial markets, written and reported by leading subject matter experts.

  • Each Special Report presents a balanced, nonpartisan, overview of the topic or theme for that edition, along with cogent analyses by proponents and opponents of the subject, including legal, policy and investment implications. Our focus is on business, corporate, environmental, social, governance, financial, media and technology matters that are topical, here and now.

  • Our independent research and analyses offers the reader a credible, third-party, perspective on the subject matter. This objectivity is valued by policymakers, regulators, business leaders, advocates, activists, journalists and influential thought leaders who appreciate the straightforward content and rely upon Special Report as an independent reference.

At a glance

Independent & Non-Partisan

Objective, Authoritative 

Credible Research & Analysis

Incisive, In-Depth, Information

Reliable Reference Medium

Effective Advertising Platform

Key Media Partnerships

Special report news- beyond the headlines

Keen insight and analysis - authoritative and credible content- incisive views - subject matter experts balanced presentation of the issues - designed for today's decision makers

These in-depth reports go beyond today's headlines, news reports, op-eds, white papers and soundbites to present in and insightful analyses of key issues.  Special Report News provides incisive reviews of the legal, financial, market and policy implications of major issues affecting business, commerce and corporations.


Our Difference

Special Report News -- For Key Opinion Leaders in the U.S. and Abroad

Over the years, we have conceived, created, crafted and published scores of custom journals, magazines, advertorials, websites and other content on a wide range of issues for our private clients--all with compelling and comprehensive content.

We rely on primary and secondary research, publicly available data, insider insights, and rock-solid journalism to publish intelligent Special Reports featuring leading business and corporate organizations and key issues of concern to business and corporate leaders.

Our Special Reports have been relied upon, referenced, and very well received by policymakers, regulators, key opinion leaders and the news media in the United States and abroad as a key research resource. 


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